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Blackbook is a global private equity firm with a dedicated track record in growing internet businesses and website flipping.

"Our team really loves how the website and the new branding turned out. We feel that The Favorite Design is part of our team. They truly understand our brand, which makes us happy to let them visually communicate our identity."

Poroma Thanawala Dhanerva, Content and HR Manager at BlackBook

Aim of project

The team at BlackBook sought a fresh visual identity, encompassing a new logo, website, and the migration of their website from WordPress to Webflow. The objective behind this redesign was to establish themselves as an authoritative presence in the market, leveraging their extensive years of experience. The new branding aimed to convey professionalism, sleekness, and minimalism.

We've crafted a visual identity that positions BlackBook as the established leader in their market. This new branding targets tech-savvy investors and sets the company apart from its major competitors.


BlackBook Digital has undergone a brand refresh, enabling them to update their visual identity across multiple platforms. The launch of the new website has had a positive impact on their SEO campaigns, and the implementation of Webflow now empowers the team to make content changes on the site without requiring a developer's assistance.