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CoPilot AI enables anyone to tap into the full potential of Linkedin for social prospecting, social selling, and lead generation. Cut through the market noise and get directly in front of your target audience, fast.

"It was great to work with them [The Favorite Design team]I enjoyed the experience and I think they were very open, had good communication, and were always willing to put in the extra effort."

Victoria Bitove, Director, Growth Marketing

Objective of the migration

Copilot AI, like many businesses, found themselves outgrowing their website and web platform. This prompted the team to contemplate migrating the website to a new platform, Webflow. Preserving the design, page structure, URLs, and existing SEO efforts was of utmost importance to ensure a seamless transition with no adverse impact on SEO.

Successful migration

The transition from WordPress to Webflow was a resounding success, with the seamless migration of all data, functionality, and resources. After the new website went live, Copilot AI experienced a notable uptick in monthly organic traffic. This boost can be attributed to the cleaner Webflow build, enhanced On-Page Optimization, and faster loading speeds.